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Bethany Group

In order to reflect our mission statement "Love One Another" better, we have started a Bethany Group.  
This group mirrors the qualities Jesus showed to Mary and Martha when he visited Bethany after the 
death of their brother, Lazarus.
What Happens When a Loved One Dies?

After you ask a Funeral Director to take care of the arrangements, the Funeral Director will contact Fr Peter
to agree a date and time for the funeral to take place.  When the arrangements have been finalised you will 
be asked to contact the Parish Priest (the contact details are on this website) to meet him and discuss 
the Requiem Mass/Funeral Service/Crematorium Service, whichever you have requested for your loved one.
Before you meet with him you will be given a pack, which includes a 'Booklet of Readings' for funerals and 
lyrics of hymns often used for funerals.  This will be delivered by a member of the Bethany Group.  It will 
give you an opportunity to discuss those hymns and readings which best reflect the life of your loved 
one, together as a family before meeting with Fr Peter.

The role of the Bethany Group also includes providing help and support on the day of a funeral, for example 
they provide assistance by welcoming the mourners and distributing service sheets.  Information is given on 
the disabled entrance and toilet facilities, as requested.  The organist will play the hymns chosen by the 
family and the choir will also attend.

In addition to the information above, this link holds a copy of Catholic Funerals - A Guide.  You might also 
find this useful.

Please join us in prayer for the recently departed; click here for the list of recent funerals.