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Parish Groups
Bethany Group

The Bethany Group is a support to those who have been bereaved. In a moment of deep emotional turmoil, the parishioners seek to show the request of the Lord, 'to love our neighbour' by being supportive where they can. Before the family meets with Father Peter, a pack is taken to the family, to help them in preparing the Liturgy for their loved one. The pack contains a breakdown of the liturgy, whether a Requiem Mass, Funeral Service, hymn book, Readings booklet and prayers for the bereaved. Also a Sympathy card is posted from the Parish family expressing real concern and love. A month later the team send out a Mass card.

On the day of the funeral, there will be a team from the Bethany Group who welcome those attending the service, direct them to their places, pointing out the toilet facilities in the Parish Rooms and help those who need easier access to the Church to use the ramp.

The liturgy group are part of the Bethany ministry and support the  Bereaved by helping to lead the singing at the funeral. 

The organist at Funerals is Mr. Michael long and he is booked by the Funeral Director.

The coordinators of the Group are Mrs. Doreen Quine & Mary Mullin Tel. 01282 422007.

Liturgy Group

The Liturgy group came together in 2011 and was established to help  with the  Celebration of Liturgies and the Mass, which is " the source and summit of the Christian Life."

The group lead the singing at the 9.45 am Mass on Sundays, at Funerals and Weddings. Also they help with many other liturgies, during the year, especially around Holy Week and Christmas.

Most Thursday's the group meet in Church at 7pm and practice various hymns, songs and prepare for the next Sunday's Mass. Entry to Church for the practice is via the side door, which is accessed via the car park near the Parish Rooms. 

The musical director is Mr Edward Morgan, and the assistant musical director is Mrs Barbara McNamara.

Parish Organists. Mr, Edward Morgan, and Mr Michael Long. 
(if you wish to contact the organists then please do so after either the 6pm Saturday vigil Mass & the 9.45am Mass on Sunday.)

Vocations Prayer Group
On the last Monday of each month a group of parishioners gather to pray for those who are studying for the Priesthood and Religous Life. They also pray for those who are discerning whether God is calling them to ministry.

The group are convinced that God is still calling people to the ministry of service and simply seek to raise them in prayer as they seek God's will for them.

During the winter months the group  meets in the Newman Room, which is in the Parish Rooms.
The prayer begins at 7pm and all are welcome.


The ministry of Reader is an important part of the Liturgy. We are blessed here at St. Mary's with many good people who volunteer on a regular basis to proclaim the Liturgy of the Word and lead the prayers of intercessions at Mass. 

Mr. John Edmondson is the coordinator of this ministry and he draws up the rota. The readers rota is available in the Priest's Sacristy on the right side of the vestment press. 

Around Christmas and Easter the readers are asked to sign up on a list and volunteer.

If you would like to join the rota and read at the Masses then please contact Father on 01282 422007.

Eucharistic Ministers

There are a group of people who  assist the priest in the administering of Holy Communion at Mass. Because of these volunteers we are able to have Holy Communion under both kinds at Weekday and Sunday Masses.

From time to time the ministers are requested on a Weekday to lead a Service of the Word and Holy Communion, when the priest in not able to celebrate Mass.
It is our hope to support those who are housebound by arranging for those who wish to receive Holy Communion at home each week. The Eucharistic Ministers take Holy Communion to those who are sick straight from the Sunday masses. This is in addition to a monthly visit on the First Friday  of the month, by the priests. 

If you know of a sick parishioner who would like to receive Holy Communion, 
then please contact Fr. Peter, tel. 01282 422007.

The coordinator is Mr Peter Atkins.
At this time we are recruiting more Eucharistic Ministers and in due course will draw up a new rota.

Children's liturgy

There is a team of 5 people who lead the Children in a simple liturgy of the word in the Parish Rooms after leaving the Church at the beginning of the 9.45am mass. After hearing God 's Word the children are invited to compete a simple worksheet, which is then brought up in the offertory and presented by the children.

The coordinator is Christine.
Baptism team

The team meet with those who wish to have their children baptised after the 9.45am Mass on the first Sunday of the month in the Sacristy, which is through the doorway on the right of the Sacred Heart Altar. During this meeting the team fill in the information sheets and arrange for the parents to attend the DVD evening and preparation session. During the instructions the Celebration is explained.

After this meeting the date for the child's baptism is booked by the team who have the diary and the available dates, when baptism may be celebrated in St. Mary's.

Flower arranging

The flower displays in the Church are wonderful and very inspiring too. Those in the arranging team meet on Friday morning in the working Sacristy and work on the flowers between 10am and 12.20pm. 

The team are happy to arrange flowers for those planning to marry here at St. Mary's, those wishing to do this can do so directly by meeting the team after the Sunday morning Mass. 


Our sacristan is Maureen Marshal and Maureen manages the Sacristy, as well as opening the Church before the liturgies.

The Sacristan sets up for the Celebration of Mass and all liturgies by organising the Church and the vestments in the sacristy.

Counting team

The team meet each week, count the collection and other monies, so preparing for them to be taken to the bank.

They  count the monies and complete the financial breakdown sheets and take the money to the bank.

Grounds Maintenance

The grounds around the Church are beautifully maintained and this is the result of hard work by a team of volunteers, who work all the year round. Many of the plants are donated by the people of the parish and are lovingly cared for. 

The team take care of both the flower beds and the mowing of the grass. 

If you would like to help then please contact Mr. Carter after the 9,45 am Sunday Mass by simply approaching the Liturgy group.